`Duality, the potential for two states to exist in one, is everywhere. Just look at ‘Martial Art’;

‘Martial’ is the physical pursuit, ‘Art’ the mental and emotional endeavor.
Unfortunately this is lost in most modern ‘Martial Arts’ where martial pursuit and excellence are the sole focus, or on the flipside, the theoretical application of the art is never put to the martial test.

To know one, you must know the other. Light and dark, good and evil.
Si vis pacem, para bellum
“If you wish for peace, prepare for war”

Dark Carnival is in the business of life and performance coaching through martial arts by honoring the past while moving with the present. We take the original intention of martial arts – self-preservation – and utilize it as a vehicle to prepare you for full contact living. To become a champion on and off the mats by training you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Discover yourself and base your story on fact, not fiction…or fantasy

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Dark Carnival?

Welcome to Dark Carnival
Welcome to the show, the show of a lifetime, your lifetime.

The story so far…Take a minute and reflect on the story of you.

This story, the story you tell yourself is something you have built up since birth. It is your life’s work. That story is made up of interactions, decisions and compromises.

Like all good stories it revolves around conflict, confrontation and the outcome. How you resolved these conflicts greatly defines your personality.

When faced with conflict, violence or the potential for violence, did the story hold up?

Are you generally a good person who stands up for what is right?

That’s why your mouth goes dry and your stomach knots up when someone flips you off in traffic or yells a threat – because when the confrontation is there you may not be who you think you are.

You may lose or you might even run. Or crawl. Or beg.




Known as ‘The art of eight weapons’, Muay Thai will see you combining Hand, Elbow, Knee and Leg strikes in a fun and friendly environment to build your physical, mental and emotional conditioning.

Dark Carnival Muay Thai (DCMT) is a fundamentals based learning program that will see you develop your physical game by focusing on the individual aspects of Muay Thai and setting strong foundations before adding in more weapons. Start with Hands and Footwork, move onto Legs, and put them together before adding in the Clinch and Knees, then finish by adding in Elbows for that Full Thai Rules experience.

Develop your mental game by learning combination theory as well as basic ring-craft and tactic before playing with advanced ring-craft and tactic which will see you dancing circles around your opponent while they dance to your tune.

Discover more about yourself on the mats and rise to the emotional challenge with help from coaches and fellow students as you walk this path of life performance.

Whether it is for fun, fitness, self-preservation or to compete in the ring, DCMT is sure to challenge you and see you achieve your goals.

Dark Carnival_Dark Carnival MT

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I began training Muay Thai at the age of 13. 19 years later I am still in love with this Martial Art. For me Muay Thai, although aimed at competition in the ring, is an awesome blend of Martial and Art. It embodies the physical requirements and attributes, as well as the mental game to deploy ringcraft and tactics plus the emotional requirement to keep it cool and focused through-out training and in the ring.
Watching students and clients develop technique, fitness and confidence is an amazing thing. To be a part of this process is truly an honour. No ego’s, no attitudes, just self-development and a fun challenge.



Dark Carnival_Dark Carnival JJ Card

Dark Carnival Jiu Jitsu

Dark Carnival Jiu Jitsu (DCJJ) remains true to the original intention of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is self preservation, and moving with the present environment of competition for those who are keen.

Take-downs and Throws, Positions, Escapes, Transitions and Submissions/Striking.

Learning how to move, use and control an opponent on the ground is a major part to any self defence or MMA practitioner.

With a lineage that goes to BJJ legend Chris Haueter, creator of Combat Base and 5th degree black belt under Master Rigan Machado, DCJJ aims to provide students and clients with a solid appreciation for all that BJJ offers;

Self Defence

Health and well being

Control under pressure

Physical, mental and emotional conditioning.

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Being a Muay Thai fighter I laughed at focusing solely on the ground.

Further to this any time I ventured to the ground to learn, it was a neck cranking, joint manipulating time.

Not intelligent and definitely not well taught.

Years later I was coaxed and introduced to BJJ, the training was fun and taught in an intelligent manner.
I was hooked.

I am now in my 3rd year of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, blue belt 1 stripe and am looking forward to many more years of learning and coaching :)





No Rest For The Wicked. For we are the wickedest there is.

Wicked Fitness is Dark Carnivals answer to fitness. It is fun and it is challenging. Utilizing full body movements from Muay Thai, Crazy Monkey Defence and Monkey Jits, Wicked Fitness blends timed round and circuit based training for a combat fitness session like no other. On the ground and on your feet this is a workout that will be sure to push your boundaries on all levels.

Dark Carnival_Wicked Fitness

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The workout that is a love/hate relationship. You hate that you love it, love that you hate it.

Years of training people in Martial Arts has taught me some things.

1.That the body will work as hard as the brain lets it
2.That the mind will work as hard as the emotions will let it
3.That you must train physically, mentally and emotionally.

That is great for anybody training in martial arts, it should come with the territory. But what about the people that want the same experience out of their workout?

So, I took the workouts and movements that will physically work you. Structured it so that you need to remain focused and then organised so you will be emotionally challenged.

Wicked ;)



Dark Carnival_Threat Management Card

Red Zone Threat Management

Red Zone Knife Defence program was developed by Jerry Wetzel who has been training in reality based combat for over 15 years. The approach to weapons defence focuses much more on depth of knowledge than accumulation of techniques. All of the techniques employed are gross motor which helps to make them more easily accessible in the heat of a confrontation. If we try to rely too heavily on fine or complex motor skills we will be in trouble when things go bad.

The goal in any weapons defence program that has any connection to reality is to exit the situation as soon as possible. In many cases, those who claim to teach edged weapon defence pay lip service to avoidance and escape and then spend an inordinate amount of time showing intricate (and highly inappropriate) disarms and counters. In the Red Zone program escape is not an afterthought, it is the entire focus. This means that all of our techniques and training methods revolve around creating a window of escape at the earliest opportunity.

Having said that, there are definite hands on skills that can greatly reduce the amount of damage we suffer should we have to go hands on. The main objective in our method (when escape is not an immediate possibility) is to gain control of the weapon bearing limb. This is achieved a few different ways depending on the type of attack. Once we have a hold of the weapon bearing limb we have to establish a dominant control position from which we can counter attack. To this end we utilize a few different positions such as the baseball bat, and the modified 2-on-1. These positions can be transitioned through to deal with the rapidly evolving situation much in the same way Brazilian Jiu Jitsu utilizes positional control in order to strike and submit. Once a control position has be achieved, we can work to attack the attacker and end the confrontation.

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Becoming a Red Zone knife defence instructor was one of chance and opportunity. Red Zone Knife Defence program was developed by Jerry Wetzel who has been training in reality based combat for over 15 years.
I did the seminar and was impressed by the straightforward techniques and applications of this program. Nothing fancy, just functional. De-bunking so many myths of a knife attack. I am now one of only two Certified Level 1 Red Zone Knife Defence instructors in Australia. The participants have ranged from Law Enforcement and Military to your every-day Mum and Dad.





Dark Carnival Self Preservation (DCSP) seeks to provide students and clients with all of the options to walk away from a confrontation where possible before looking to engage.
If engagement is the only option, then we arrive with overwhelming force looking to destroy the situation as effectively and efficiently as possible.

DCSP gives you the tools to handle yourself in the reality of a violent situation.

Working off the principals of the old first aid acronym ‘DRABCD’ … but with a twist;

The emphasis of DCSP is to constantly assess the situation and back out where possible.
Your welfare, your well being, your life.

Dark Carnival_Self Preservation Card

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I have been involved in martial arts for several years and have played with several different styles and forms. Some worked, some definitely did not work.

The key is to define the difference between performance in the ring for competition purposes and the guy on the street, the school yard, in the workplace or in the pub that means you harm.

You will approach a fight very differently to how you will approach a self defence situation…very very differently.

At the end of the day, if you can back away from a situation, then do it.

Generally you will find that it is only your ego and sense of ‘justice’ that will keep you in a situation. At that point in time it is no longer a self-defence situation, it is a fight.

Having the confidence to handle the situation accordingly and walk away with your health, well-being and ego in check is first and foremost our aim. The preservation of Self.







I have been involved in Martial Arts for 19 years and counting.
During this time I have had the opportunity, pleasure and honour of coaching Muay Thai, DC Self Preservation, DC Jiu Jits and Red Zone Threat Management to many wicked, everyday people.

To become a part of someone’s story is special.
Coaching everyday champions on and off the mats.
This is what I do and I love it.




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You are here, looking at this website and you have come this far so ask yourself a question;
What do I have to lose?

Get on the mats and experience what it is to be Coached in martial arts.
Physical, mental and emotional training like no other.
Preparing you for full contact living.






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